Speaker Engagements


To offer perspectives on a on a variety of topics that improve inter-generational understanding, and to help women build trust and resiliency across generations and turn professional and/or personal failures into growth opportunities.

Their commentary compares different general experiences from the world of sports, law, politics, families and the corporate executive suite.


  • Women’s organizations, forums
  • College campus programs
  • Sports programs
  • Corporations
  • Industry groups
  • Heritage groups

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  • Keynote speakers or as part of a panel
  • Interviews, podcasts
  • Virtual or in-person


  • Navigating Generational Leadership
  • The Power of Conversation: Embracing Generational Differences
  • Advancing an Inter-generational Understanding of Vulnerability and Failure
  • Failure: A Female Inter-generational Conundrum

Key Takeaways

  • Demystify the myths of each generation and understand their values.
  • Understand how values and concerns related to pay, pension, benefits versus work-life balance/harmony and workplace well-being are changing.
  • Embrace the need to understand power. Learn how to analyze system and structural power and how to seize it.
  • Understand the role communications plays in confronting failure, strengthening personal and workplace relationships and reduce inter-generational conflict.