Our Workshops

Janice and Nicole


To provide new insights, tips and tools for a better understanding of how to facilitate better communication and team building skills between millennials and baby boomers. The results will lead to new perspectives on:

• How to lead
• How to communicate
• How to improve inter-generational understanding
• How to build relationships

The workshop will focus on women and failure, feelings associated with failing and how women handle it.

Targeted Audience

(1) Millennials and baby boomers
(2) Helpful to individuals with hiring, supervising and coaching responsibilities
(3) Baby boomers who supervise female millennials
(4) Millennials trying to better understand and communicate with female baby boomer management


At this time, all workshops will be presenting virtually using a ZOOM format.


Stilettos and Sneakers discuss failure through eight topics. Three topics can be handled per workshop. The topics to choose from are:

  • Hard and Soft Skills
  • Public Failures
  • Private Failures
  • Relationships
  • Self-Confidence
  • Nontraditional Women
  • Life Choices
  • Extended Italian American Family


  • Unveil and discuss implicit biases resulting in less pre-judging of other generations.
  • Participants will be more open to new thinking, ideas, and a greater understanding of different generational leadership styles.
  • Participants will leave more informed, empowered with an understanding and appreciation of the leadership and working styles of each generation.