Sneakers and Tights: Builds a Communication Bridge Among Female Generations

“Hear, see and value where women are and not where you think they should be! Be aware of your implicit biases when judging the behavior, leadership styles and appearance of women of different generations.” This was one “takeaway” from a Stilettos and Sneakers presentation to the International Women’s Forum Florida Suncoast where baby boomer, gen […]

Session on Leadership: Talks About Integrity and Authenticity

I have to share that I recently attended a terrific session on Being A Leader-A Breakthrough in Leadership Development taught by Cookie Boudreaux of Mark Kamin, Inc. Tidbits of wisdom and extraordinary useful guidance filled the time that passed too quickly. Ms. Boudreaux began by clarifying the distinction between management and leadership. She defined management […]

Diane Von Furstenberg: Fashion Icon Helped Make Women Confident

Great interview with fashion designer and baby boomer Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) in the Wall Street Journal’s “Men’s Style” magazine Spring 2021. Yes, you read the site correctly! She feels her legacy is that she made women confident. Her response to a question fits the message and texture of Stilettos and Sneakers. It resonates with […]

Janice: Popping Up Everywhere: Vulnerability and Trust

Vulnerability and trust are two words popping up everywhere in my life! For this baby boomer and I suspect for many millennials, these words mean different things and elicit opposite emotional reactions. Superstar Dr. Brene Brown ( tackles vulnerability in her numerous books including my favorite “Dare to Lead.” Her TED talk “The Power of […]

Janice: Vogue Magazine Controversy

Do Sneakers and Power Jackets Really Make A Madam Vice President? The Vogue magazine controversy over the appropriate cover photo, showing “Madam Vice President! Kamala Harris And The New America” brings to center stage the issues for women of the meaning of authenticity, approachability, and authority. The fashion and political press commentary concerning this brouhaha, […]

Welcome to Stilettos and Sneakers

Stilettos and Sneakers is an Inter-Generational Conversation is designed to advance an inter-generational conversation on timely issues impacting women helping foster sharing, listening, and learning. The initial focus is on how baby boomer and millennial women experience and handle failure. The feelings of failure and what influences how it is viewed are examined by taking […]

Nicole: Why unplug in a plugged world?

I am currently reading a (great) book entitled “Thank You for Being Late” by Thomas Friedman. Although I am in the early onsets of the book, there is one particular part that has stood out to me. According to the research of Friedman and his cited collaborators, the advancement of technology is increasing at a […]

Nicole: My Personal Mission Statement

Understanding your values allows you to develop a leadership style that best fits you. By fully committing yourself to your dreams, your journey through life will be filled with that much more love and life. You might value respect or commitment, maybe you value money or security. Whatever it is that you value becomes a […]

Be Better Movement

When choosing a day camp, a parent looks for a place that will suit their child’s needs; their child’s likes and dislikes. Some families go to camp fairs, others go to open houses, some simply surf the web looking for the ideal summer getaway for their children to go and make life-lasting memories. What is […]