How Sports Shaped Me

My entire existence has revolved around sport. As a child I cried through my first dance class and intentionally lost my brownie socks all so that I could participate in sports. I started playing sports at age six. Soccer was the first, followed by softball and basketball. I jumped headfirst into travel soccer and softball, […]

Advancing the Next Generation of Women Leaders

University of Tampa Janice with her Suncoast International Women’s Forum colleagues, participated in Advancing the Next Generation of Women Leaders at the University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida. Her comment was “Listening and learning from these intelligent, savvy, articulate up and coming women leaders, gave me renewed inspiration and assurance for our future.” Janice met over […]

David Brooks Visits Sarasota Florida and asks “How Do We Rebuild Trust?”

Stilettos and Sneakers often explores from a baby boomer and millennial perspective the words vulnerability and trust. Those words just seem to continually pop up in my life these days, how about yours? Well, David Brooks, writer, bestselling author, commentator, op-ed columnist for the New York Times and a regular guest on PBS News Hour, […]

The Traveling Pack

As a child, I was fortunate to be exposed to family vacations. The locations would change from year to year, but it was always a guarantee that at least once a year our entire family would get together. Sometimes we would take trips to the local beach, while others we would travel to Disney World, […]

The Transition of Traditions

My Italian American Family The Transition of Traditions This holiday season, unlike every year I can remember, we didn’t gather in New Jersey. Mom and Dad have been gone for two decades but Nana and Poppy (my sister and brother-in-law) have always been the home where we gather to celebrate our holiday traditions. Not 2021! […]

2021 Colloquium on Global Diversity

Recently, Janice attended the 2021 Colloquium on Global Diversity in Washington D.C., hosted by United States based Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI). Her general comment is “Exciting, informative and diverse views from attendees on the future of the workforce.” More from Janice: Some of the questions asked include:· What the Re-Set Economy and Workplace Will […]

Guest Blog – Judith Roberts

It began with a conversation around the kitchen table where my husband, Rick, our Rector and I sat discussing the imminent departure of a parishioner for his first year of seminary education. Somewhere along the way, I blurted out that this was exactly what I’d love to be doing, given the chance, voicing what had […]

Guest Blog – Joyce Treppa

I have worked mainly in two professions, both which I loved. During my education to complete my social work degree, I had many people tell me I would not be able to find a job without going on for a master’s degree. I had a job before I graduated in my field and never was […]

Guest Blog – Maggie Sullivan

When I was a seminary student, a member of my lay supervisory committee wrote in his semester’s-end review that I had, after serving at the altar, preaching, leading Bible studies and facilitating retreats for several months, “good potential for leadership.” Talk about damning with faint praise! Before submitting the review, the rector asked the committee […]

Coming Soon!

I recently reflected on what influences and reinforces my values, thinking and actions. For me one of those aides or influencers is my faith! Stilettos and Sneakers wants to share the experiences from women of all generations and professions. The conversation is often on how women deal with the common challenges of self-confidence, leadership styles […]

Sneakers and Tights: Builds a Communication Bridge Among Female Generations

“Hear, see and value where women are and not where you think they should be! Be aware of your implicit biases when judging the behavior, leadership styles and appearance of women of different generations.” This was one “takeaway” from a Stilettos and Sneakers presentation to the International Women’s Forum Florida Suncoast where baby boomer, gen […]

Session on Leadership: Talks About Integrity and Authenticity

I have to share that I recently attended a terrific session on Being A Leader-A Breakthrough in Leadership Development taught by Cookie Boudreaux of Mark Kamin, Inc. Tidbits of wisdom and extraordinary useful guidance filled the time that passed too quickly. Ms. Boudreaux began by clarifying the distinction between management and leadership. She defined management […]