Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements


To offer perspectives on a on a variety of topics that improve inter-generational understanding, and to help women build trust and resiliency across generations and turn professional and/or personal failures into growth opportunities.

Their commentary compares different general experiences from the world of sports, law, politics, families and the corporate executive suite.


  • Women’s organizations, forums
  • College campus programs
  • Sports programs
  • Corporations
  • Industry groups
  • Heritage groups

Stilettos & Sneakers presented to our women’s organization on generational female leadership. They were well researched, very well prepared and provided excellent resources to our members for further study. The conversation was relaxed and candid which made it incredibly fun and easy to relate. Fascinating to see how far women have come over the decades and how some issues we’ve overcome, and some are still lingering. Seeing the younger generational leaders gives us hope!” – Taylor Collins, Board Chair, Sarasota Women’s Alliance


  • Keynote speakers or as part of a panel
  • Interviews, podcasts
  • Virtual or in-person


  • Navigating Generational Leadership
  • The Power of Conversation: Embracing Generational Differences
  • Advancing an Inter-generational Understanding of Vulnerability and Failure
  • Failure: A Female Inter-generational Conundrum

Key Takeaways

  • Demystify the myths of each generation and understand their values.
  • Understand how values and concerns related to pay, pension, benefits versus work-life balance/harmony and workplace well-being are changing.
  • Embrace the need to understand power. Learn how to analyze system and structural power and how to seize it.
  • Understand the role communications plays in confronting failure, strengthening personal and workplace relationships and reduce inter-generational conflict.