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About Us
Stilettos & Sneakers

We are Nicole Spiotta, a relatable millennial and great aunt Janice Zarro, a baby boomer, and have first-hand experience with the power of inter-generational conversations because we’ve been doing it for years. Though decades apart, we realized we are products of our own generations. We are both leaders but with different leadership styles, priorities and approaches.

We understand how today’s culture can reinforce women’s self-doubt and erode trust in authority and institutions, especially among millennials and Gen Zs. We’ve been there. That is why Stilettos & Sneakers was formed to bridge the gap between generations of women to ensure all women can achieve personal and professional success.

We apply an inter-generational lens to leadership through our essays, focusing on personal and public failures, self-confidence, the influence of an extended Italian-American family, relationships, life choices and consequences, non-traditional women and hard and soft skills. These essays and curated stories are from our own experiences and those of women across all generations we’ve spoken with during our work. They provide the framework for their workshops, speaking engagements and the latest tips and tools.


Nicole Spiotta, Great Niece, and Janice Zarro, Great Aunt

Meet Janice & Nicole

Janice Zarro

Janice Zarro

Nicole M. Spiotta

Nicole M. Spiotta

  • Great aunt
  • Baby boomer
  • Takes notes on a yellow pad

Janice Zarro is a lawyer, consultant, former corporate and nonprofit executive, mentor and community leader. Her expertise includes government relations, women’s empowerment and leadership. She most recently served as the executive director of the Women’s Resource Center of Sarasota County, working with women seeking employment, education and entrepreneurial assistance.

  • Great niece
  • Millennial
  • Takes notes on a notes app

Nicole M. Spiotta is a business development specialist at a top global law firm known for its innovation, diversity and philanthropic giving, however, her roots are in student-athlete programs. Her professional experience working in education and athletics management includes leadership, personnel management, program development and team building.