The 25th Through Women’s Eyes International Film Festival included three inter-generational, multi-cultural films that reflected a Stilettos & Sneakers recurring theme: the importance of connecting and communicating across generations. These films — Jasmine Flowers (India), Where We Belong (UK) and Girl No. 60427 (Israel) — featured generations of women learning from each other often sparking new ways of thinking, adapting and reflecting on emotional trauma.

Jasmine Flowers showed an elderly Indian woman challenging the cultural norm of widows while a younger woman helped her re-revaluate traditions and embrace happiness. Where We Belong was inspired by the Japanese Buddhist ritual of offering food for the dead. The younger British-Japanese granddaughter reconnects with her origins and feels closer to her dead grandfather as a result of witnessing and participating in this ritual with her grandmother. The incredible bond of grandmother and granddaughter comes alive and through the sharing of food, photos and stories, values are transferred from generation to generation. Girl No.60427 shows Tel Aviv in 1998 when a visiting granddaughter reads her grandmother’s secret notebook documenting her experience during the Holocaust. After reading the horrors her grandmother endured, the granddaughter’s sensitivity and loving empathy toward her emotionally inaccessible grandmother are unleashed and a bond of mutual compassion, understanding and love forms.

Women are empowered through shared experiences. And although the women we work with may not be on the big screen, their stories touch on many of the topics we discuss in our work and that were raised in these films: culture clashes, inter-generational communication, vulnerability and connection.