My personal and professional lives recently collided in at “Step Into The Light”: A Mental Health Summit sponsored by Sunshine from Darkness. This exceptional event empowered attendees to learn new coping skills, reduce stigma and promote mental health wellness. It touched my heart and challenged my mind. It also reminded me that those struggling need not do so in silence, and why connection and community are so important. I’m grateful to Sunshine from Darkness and the many other speakers and contributors for keeping these messages front and center.

The summit reinforced something we often discuss in our work – vulnerability takes courage. Workplace wellbeing (or mental health) is important to everyone, but particularly to the millennials and Gen Zs with whom we work. As managers, Gen Xs are looking for ways to respond with empathy. Our inter-generational work takes into consideration how women of different generations connect with each other and helps women understand how they are different and how they are similar all in hopes of improving workplace wellbeing, together.