Yiddish Speaking Great Grandmother in “Kiss My Ass” Could be Italian or from any other Ethnic Group

Stilettos and Sneakers often talks about the influence of the Italian American family. I fondly talk of my Italian immigrant grandmother’s unconditional love for me. She conveyed the very values I rely on today.

Arielle Goldman wrote and created the film “Kiss My Ass.” It is the story of Anna, who gets an abortion accompanied by the ghost of her Yiddish-speaking great-grandmother. The grandmother is with Anna throughout this difficult process offering humor, grandmotherly love, empathy, compassion, and kindness. It is from the living memories the film tenderly captures where Anna gets her strength, courage, and resilience.

The film’s title comes from a scene when Anna is solemnly leaving the clinic after having the abortion procedure, and she must walk a gauntlet of heckling protestors and those of us watching the film hear the Yiddish grandmother say to the disrupters, “Kiss My Ass.”