The 2023 Through Women’s Eyes International Film Festival, in its 24th year, was dedicated to showcasing women filmmakers and films that address issues important to women. The films often told women’s stories from all over the world, 300 films were submitted, and 38 films were selected. The festival was sponsored by Through Women’s Eyes, an advocacy organization dedicated to women’s rights and gender equality. It was said that the films this year emphasized passion through the stories told by women and about women.

One of the creators of the award-winning film #No Regrets, Kristine Artymowski felt it was important at this time to have women tell their stories of having an abortion prior to Roe vs. Wade. Kristine was inspired by Gen Z Paxton Smith, who was part of the film and whose high school valedictorian address in the state of Texas went viral when she spoke about her future without adequate healthcare protections. She said this war is on my right as a woman and the right to control my body. #No Regrets shows a multi-generational fight as women bridge the generational gap. This is exactly the mission of Stilettos and Sneakers! Kristine Artymowski’s advice as she accepted her award at the closing ceremony was “be feisty, be fierce.”