About Reading

I just don’t do fun or relationships.  I do work!  I am just an unapologetic workaholic baby boomer.

My reading relates to improving my leadership skills by learning from other outstanding women leaders.  I confess I love millennials and zoomers (Gen Z) as I believe they are the hope for our future, especially our political future.  I gravitate, therefore, to books to better understand the values and concerns of these generations.  Of course, we at Stilettos and Sneakers always focus on the issues of self-confidence, fear, and ways to unleash the personal power of every woman.

I love a good book! I try to challenge myself to read at least 10 pages a day, whether it be a book for fun or something to create positive change in my professional career. Take a look at what’s on my fall reading list! I am excited to see how these pages turn.