Stilettos and Sneakers often explores from a baby boomer and millennial perspective the words vulnerability and trust. Those words just seem to continually pop up in my life these days, how about yours?

Well, David Brooks, writer, bestselling author, commentator, op-ed columnist for the New York Times and a regular guest on PBS News Hour, addressed the Sarasota Tiger Bay Club last week and guess what, he talked about trust!

He said he wanted to talk about the social and cultural factors underlying and impacting our politics not politics itself.

Brooks said the key question is “How Do We Rebuild Trust? in our society. He said we must be more socially adept on learning how to deal with each other. He said it takes three skills: (1) Understanding and seeing each other (2) Affirming with insight the other person and (3) Critiquing with love and care. He said if folks are lonely and sad (statistics show depression and loneliness is high) they look for a tribe to join based on their anger and hate and not on love and caring.

I confess that I am a David Brooks “groupie.” I highly recommend one of my favorites of his many books “The Road to Character.” It is a lot more spiritual then political I warn you in advance! I love when Brooks says we have strategies to develop our successful careers but not strategies to develop character, the core of our being. Great read!