Recently, Janice attended the 2021 Colloquium on Global Diversity in Washington D.C., hosted by United States based Corporate Women Directors International (CWDI). Her general comment is “Exciting, informative and diverse views from attendees on the future of the workforce.”

More from Janice:

Some of the questions asked include:
· What the Re-Set Economy and Workplace Will Look Like?
· Where Did Consumers Go During the Pandemic?
· Is Care Work a Corporate Responsibility?

Just learned from the new report CWDI released that women CEOs make a difference by including more women on boards and in Senior management. It is a survey of nearly 3,000 companies in 55 countries.

CWDI Chair Irene Natividad said ‘Still too few women have reached the CEO level of the largest corporations in each country. But what is clear is that women at the top are a plus for women whether the company is headquartered in Bangkok, London, Nairobi or California. Increasing gender diversity on the Board and in senior management may not have been a primary goal when these women became CEO’s, but it is nonetheless their impact.”

Our workforce is in the middle of a transformation with a major impact on women!