“Hear, see and value where women are and not where you think they should be! Be aware of your implicit biases when judging the behavior, leadership styles and appearance of women of different generations.”

This was one “takeaway” from a Stilettos and Sneakers presentation to the International Women’s Forum Florida Suncoast where baby boomer, gen x and millennial women participated.

We talked about the implicit biases of women of different generations concerning the attire and appearance of other women, more importantly how this criticism impacted our judgment in hiring, promoting accepting the leadership styles of other females.

USA TODAY columnist Sara M. Moniuszko in her article “Biden’s tights raise ageism, sexism issues” 5/19/2021 once again adroitly addresses simultaneously the challenges of the cultural and individual implicit biases regarding the appearance of our women leaders.

In the blog the “Vogue Magazine Controversy: Do Sneakers and Power Jackets Really Make a Madame Vice President?” found on the Stilettos and Sneakers website, the issue of implicit biases is discussed. A baby boomer (me) was confessing to her implicit biases and often succumbing to the optics of color and expecting a female to “look the part.”

Juliet A. Williams, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles’, Department of Gender Studies is aptly cited by Ms. Moniuszko, …” We don’t focus on fashion choices of male politicians nor should we be focusing on the fashion choices of female politicians…we should be listening to the content of what they have to say…”

Communicate with each other and unite women baby boomers, traditionalists, Generation X and millennials. Fight personal implicit biases and the cultural rules which dictate and judge how women with authority and power should dress!