I am currently reading a (great) book entitled “Thank You for Being Late” by Thomas Friedman. Although I am in the early onsets of the book, there is one particular part that has stood out to me. According to the research of Friedman and his cited collaborators, the advancement of technology is increasing at a significantly higher rate than the human ability to adapt. I find this fascinating. There are so many people in the world criticizing the youth for being on their phones or using technology too much; furthermore, there are more businesses, schools, corporations etc claiming their company is advancing simply by investing more in technology. That brings me to the question of, why should I unplug?

I luckily grew up at a pivotal time in the world of technology and social media. I graduated high school in 2007, went off to college with my very cool, hip Facebook page and TV phone from Verizon, on my way towards the next step. The iPhone just got popular, and ranking your top 10 on MySpace was crucial. However, in today’s world, this is all OLD news. What happened back then, isn’t the now and what happened last year is certainly not the fad for this year, let alone this month. The world of technology and social media is growing so rapidly that it is difficult to keep up, or even take a break.

I ask the question why unplug, because so many critics out there believe that it is best for society to unplug, decompress, enjoy the great outdoors etc… However, I would say as someone looking to advance in this world, make an impact, and continue to strive for success, I can do BOTH! I can enjoy nature, I can meditate, I can have fun with my friends, while at the same time advancing my skills and knowledge in the field of technology so that I don’t miss a step and continue to advance in a vastly growing field. Why not master the skill of balance instead of giving up something that is not only necessary in my life, but also something I enjoy and am good at?

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