When choosing a day camp, a parent looks for a place that will suit their child’s needs; their child’s likes and dislikes. Some families go to camp fairs, others go to open houses, some simply surf the web looking for the ideal summer getaway for their children to go and make life-lasting memories. What is it about a summer camp that makes a child savor and cherish a moment? Is it the games in the pool; the camp songs; the campouts? Summer camps offer a variety of options for your child to enjoy their youth and have some plain old fashion FUN, but what separates one camp from another? Aside from day-to-day offerings and unique facilities used on campus, have you ever considered the message the camp promotes? Sure camp promotes fun; all camps do in some way, shape, or form, but what camps go deeper in their mission statements and go above and beyond to make sure their mission of providing your child with the summer of a lifetime, happens?

As a leader of the Hi-Hills Day Camp staff, I found this an imperative question to answer. The people who are responsible for making your children’s summer are the staff of the camp. They provide the activities, the games, the events, and all of the other FUN that makes camp camp. A staff member’s job is to motivate a child’s life in a positive manner. They need to have the will, the mindset, and most importantly the training to do so. Each year camp brings along something new for the campers, whether that be a playground, a splash pad, or give-a-ways; this year Hi-Hills is bringing a fantastic staff to the table. With a combination of returners and new staff members, Hi-Hills has made their staff a priority for no other reason but to ensure that your child has the best summer ever.

We pride ourselves in giving your children limitless options of activities, state of the art facilities, and an atmosphere of fun. It is our mission at Hi-Hills to not only provide your child with the summer of a lifetime but give them the skills to make a difference in their lifetime. In doing so we have created an in-house motivation message called The Be Better Movement. Our movement consists of four parts: Be You, Be Creative, Be Challenged, Be Strong. Each part is unique and will provide your child with the necessary skills to make their journey through life the best that it can be. Our variety of activities allow your children to be who they want to be; our “your choice” daily sessions allow for your children to be creative by opening their mind; our lessons in swim, tennis, yoga, and other skill-based activities allow for your child to challenge themselves and show improvement; and the social exposure our camp provides allows for your child ‘s personality to grow in strength. Every week at Hi-Hills has a different theme. We will have a Be Better Bunk challenge at the end of each week that correlates with their skits to see which Bunk used the theme of the week to help them “Be Better”. This will allow for both the educational and physical growth of your children on a daily basis through the exposure of fairness, responsibility, and initiative.

As a staff, we find it very important that you as parents have access to your child’s day-to-day experiences. We will be creating a separate blog series, from our website, on the social media outlet Tumblr to provide parents with pictures, write-ups, and descriptions of the camper’s improvements with The Be Better Movement. This will not only be a great outlet for the camp to keep you updated with your child’s experiences, but it will also be great documentation of your child’s individual progress throughout the summer. This progress will show that your child is receiving the summer of a lifetime and is learning the life skills necessary to journey through life happily.

We will send frequent reminders as to when the Tumblr account has launched and other exciting things to look for via our social media outlets and website! If you have not registered for camp yet, visit our website at ​hihills.com​ and/or contact the Camp Office at 908-234-0067.