network. This influence is key when it comes to personal and professional relationships as we approach both with the desire to build upon our connection.

The new norm for women is not sitting and waiting to see if Prince Charming is going to come along. Millennial Women today are less likely to settle for a partner just to meet unspoken expectations of being a wife, a mother and a home-maker first and a whole person second.

Instead, more women seek to fulfill their dreams and learn to like themselves, then are happy to share their greatness with someone else over time. This approach to relationships may be different but it has allowed women time and opportunities to grow into the individuals they want to be. I never dreamed of myself walking down the church aisle or what my future house, partner and children would look like. I have found through my confidence in being myself that there is more opportunity for my relationships to grow. Women need not to fear that relationships entail a loss of self. First embrace yourself, then be prepared: you never know what may happen next.