for myself. I was a multi-year captain for every team I played on, I was elected onto Peer Leadership Counsels, National Youth Leadership Conferences, Vice President of my University’s Student Athlete Advisory Committee and so on. I was also provided multiple leadership and dedication awards. None of these successes would have come forward without my confidence.

People ask me how am I so confident and where I learned to be confident? A lot of what I learned was a reflection of the positive environment I was surrounded by in my youth. My family was always very involved in my life, still is to this day, and it was and still is always positive. I saw from a young age that positivity takes you a lot further than negativity. Although it is not easy to always stay positive, the more positive you are the more confident you are in yourself and the decisions you make. It helps you believe in a better outcome with the end result being a positive and confident solution. Furthermore, I saw that the more confident I was, the more positive vibes I was bringing to others. I saw people looking up to me, coming to me when they need advice, relying on me in tough situations, but most importantly mirroring my confidence after they’ve experienced a failure. I saw the rewarding outcome of this mostly during my coaching days. It was incredible seeing the positive, confident messages I was teaching young girls, follow through and they in-turn are better people.